Design is our passion, our ‘raison d’être’.

With you as our co-creator,
we will aim for only the very best results.

An end product worthy of your name.


Empire Marketing & Design was founded in early 2015 by Angel Alicea. His vision was to create a design studio which really understood the client’s vision and to know how it executes their specifications perfectly. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Angel has a vast knowledge of all aspects of printing, advertising, marketing and of course designing.

Empire Marketing & Design is a full-service marketing, advertising and graphic design agency, which takes pride in producing advertising and marketing materials that are both visually strong and bottom-line practical. We’re passionate about creating successful storytelling tools, and we’re committed to growing your business.

With our marketing savvy and expert graphic design skills, we can help you solidify your advertising and marketing strategy, refine your corporate identity and strengthen the branding of your product line.

Moreover, with our integrated photography and web design services we can, more efficiently and cost effectively execute your total advertising and marketing needs. Empire Marketing & Design focuses on all areas of design and creativity, ranging from but not limited to; graphic design, logo design, web, advertising, branding, typography, designers, resources, photography, press kits, marketing, social media and much more.

Whether you’re around the block or around the world, we can help you. Call us today! Together we’ll create visually-exciting, cost-effective marketing solutions for your business.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve done your research. You’ve been looking for an agency you can trust to help your brand grow. Our team of friendly rule breakers will give life back to your brand. You deserve to feel good about everything a great creative agency can do for your brand. The process shouldn’t be painful or boring; it should be interactive, engaging, and yes – fun!

At Empire Marketing & Design, we don’t have a Mission Statement. We have a Purpose Statement- “Let Us Help You Build Your Empire

Let’s get started!

Fueled by our passion for creativity and design,

We develop ideas and solutions that bring value to our clients.



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We love design, we live and breathe creativity. We are highly motivated and passionate about modern design, as well as possessing a strong awareness of the traditional aspects of design such as typography and composition. We believe in process, simplicity and honest hard work! We don’t just like to make things look pretty. We strongly believe that design is all about purpose. We place a lot of value in marketing and strategic thinking, getting your key messages across in the most effective way. The question is, where are you and where do you want to go? Get us on board to help you to your destination! We are down to earth, honest and reliable, and we like to work with our clients not against them.

Empire was born out of a passion for creating great things,

a healthy appetite for hard work,

and the excitement of delivering projects people love.

A full-service line-up of marketing tools built on creative ideas and strategic thinking.


We develop ideas and solutions that bring value to our clients.